We work with artists to make the impossible possible, and to bring extraordinary ideas into the public domain. This leads to bold and unique specially commissioned works by young and established artists alike. We believe in art in the city as a planning approach and a methodology for the urban development of the future.

Euphoria is an interdisciplinary and collaborative team based in Frankfurt, Germany. We provide conceptual advice and support for the implementation of art in various contexts as well as for projects that include strategic considerations, research, curatorial and discursive approaches. We work with and for both private and public clients – individuals, collectives, institutions and organizations and especially for and with artists.


We set up EUPHORIA because we believe people in our growing cities need spaces that offer more than just a place to live.

Meaning and substance are vital for strengthening the social fabric, encouraging dialogue between citizens and creating attractive districts that appeal to the people who use them. This helps forge a sense of community, meaning that urban areas develop into neighbourhoods instead of deteriorating into ghettoes.

That’s why we are so committed to filling public spaces with imagination. We believe art should no longer be confined to galleries: it should be an aesthetic experience that is integrated into our everyday urban reality.

This gives rise to ‘urban treasure islands’ which enrich the lives of all concerned: investors, whose neighbourhoods are made more attractive both now and in the long term; artists, who are able to exhibit and sell their work; cities, who are ‘gifted’ new (tourist) attractions; and residents, who benefit from interesting and inspiring living environments.