Performance festival in Frankfurt

The performance festival TRANSIT was designed and run in the city as an external programme in 2006, on behalf of the FINE ART FAIR FRANKFURT. There were thematic links between the festival and the main focus of the 2006 FINE ART FAIR FRANKFURT, which was entitled ‘Quality Street’ and was dedicated to the mediums of sculpture and performance.

The programme of performances was staged mainly in unusual locations outside of the trade fair halls and took visitors into urban spaces where art is not usually found. Internationally acclaimed artists like Santiago Sierra, Carlos Amorales, Franko B and Xavier Le Roy worked alongside up-and-coming young artists like firework artist Sandra Kranich, who is now one of the most celebrated figures in her field.

Santiago Sierra’s performance ‘The Punished’, which explored generational responsibility for the atrocities of the Second World War and the Holocaust, was staged in over 15 locations spanning the whole of the inner city, from the Kleinmarkthalle covered market to the metro station. For ‘Boom Cars’, Carlos Amorales chose the underground car park of the trade fair centre as an amplifier for his punk performance featuring running racing car engines.

TRANSIT – Performance festival in the city of Frankfurt

Artists: Chris Kanavan, Santiago Sierra, Carlos Amorales, Franko B, Sandra Kranich, Xavier Le Roy
Duration: 16 – 19 March 2006
Locations: Frankfurt am Main trade fair centre, and various locations in the city centre
Images: Wolfgang Günzel (Performances: Carlos Amorales „Boom Cars“; Santiago Sierra „The Punished“)
Funders: Messe Frankfurt and Deutsche Bank AG