Art and Architecture

Advice for institutions and generations

We advise companies and institutions on their cultural engagement strategies on an ongoing basis, particularly when it comes to projects in the public arena. This means that our relationships with our clients are forged over the course of several years. We help clients in all kinds of areas, whether it be to deepen their general understanding of art, enrich their corporate identity with cultural values, develop a cultural brand or put together a collection.

We recently sat on the jury of an art competition involving the renovation of the State Opera House on Unter den Linden boulevard in Berlin. A restricted competition invited proposals for the so-called ‘Pâtisserie’, the break room at the opera house, part of which is under a preservation order. The artist duo M+M produced the winning proposal and created photographic artwork for the wall panels.

We are also regularly invited to advise the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR) on ‘Kunst-am-Bau’ [art in building] initiatives put together by the German government and the City of Berlin. Just recently so for the roof top of Humboldt Forum in Berlin where, among others, proposed artists Emeka Ogboh and Silke Wagner, were among the prize winners. We are involved in both closed and open competitions, sometimes in the role of official experts, suggesting artists for competitions, and sometimes on the jury as part of the judging panel or expert panel. We have contributed to plans for various ministerial buildings, for example, as well as the Charité hospital and the ‘Room of Silence’ at the Zentrum Flucht und Vertreibung [Centre of Flight and Expulsion] in Berlin.


Awarding authority: BBR Unter den Linden 7, 10117 Berlin
Artist: M+M
Photo: Juliane von Herz
1st prize: M+M, Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia, Munich

M+M, Marc Weis und Martin De Mattia, München
Commissioned work for BERLIN STATE OPERA HOUSE ON UNTER DEN LINDEN: ‘Die Konditorei’
Awarding authority: BBR, Berlin
Copyright: BBR Berlin, the artists, Juliane v. Herz

Tamara Grcic, „Liegt das Licht auf der Oberfläche, oder befindet es sich im Inneren?“
Commissioned work for Bundestagsgebäude Dorotheenstrasse 90, Berlin, 2015
Awarding authority: BBR, Berlin
Copyright: Tamara Grcic

Emeka Ogboh, Cosmos, awarded concept for commissioned project for rooftop of Humboldt Forum Berlin, 2019-20
Awarding authority: BBR, Berlin
Copyright: Emeka Ogboh